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OWL, Outdoor & Wilderness Learning at St John’s School Kingston Upon Thames

St John’s School offers a permanent outdoor learning space for 3 – 11 year old children. The school is developing an OWL curriculum for all to enjoy. We have created a unique, flexible outdoor teaching environment in 15,ooo sq.ft of green space which includes, our Forest School, allotments and garden areas and features an outdoor classroom, a greenhouse and a large wooded area, allowing for all types of outdoor learning to take place

The Forest School has fun sessions in our woodland where child-led play takes place and anything goes!

Learn more about St John’s School, Kingston, where we are passionate about our children’s learning, development and emotional well being

“When I’m in a classroom it feels like a cage, in the forest I feel able to think”

a child, aged 8

no-one has been telling us what to do… I feel free

a child, aged 6

“He absolutely loves Forest School. He comes home very happy and I have seen a huge shift in him. His happy sparkle is back!”

a parent

We had a superb day and the children thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. What a success!

a teacher