Year 4 camera evidence

Year 4 have been recording video of our wildlife visitors on our site. We laid footprint traps and PIR cameras around the site. The results are below.

One of the children, James D designed his own website with evidence from his own camera that he shared with us – well done James for taking such an interest in the project! You can see his site here

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Stephen & Sam

Year 3 Forest School at Kingston University

The year 3 children from St John’s School Kingston enjoyed the second of their Forest Schools up at Kingston University. One of the benefits from using the University site is that the whole class can be together on a class topic session.

Finding items to make the cities

Today the session was all about extreme earth and, after this weekend’s weather, couldn’t have been more topical. We checked the site and all the trees had survived yesterday’s storm and we were good to go.

The class was split into three groups, with each having to construct a city out of woodland finds and natural materials. The children were lucky as we had Kingston University Ambassadors along to to help them, out, which included a civil engineer, two architects, a computer games programmer and a phycologist.  They put the Ambassadors to task and together worked on their designs for their cities. 

Construction underway

After a fun break, we returned to the cities and learnt what the groups had thought about whilst building together. They had included thoughts about defences against natural disaster. We had great fun testing their work with a tsunami, a hurricane and an earthquake.  

Before lunch, we had a fun filled game of tug of war, including one against all the staff, you can ask the children who won!

tug of war!

We then relocated to the fire circle and put our fire lighting skills though their paces, and it has to be said that all the children had remembered all the information from last time and were very quick and safe in lighting their fires.  We, of course, brought all of their fires together as one and ended the session with toasted marshmallows. 

Fire lighting in small groups
Marshmallows were enjoyed by all

Big thanks to Kingston University for continuing to support us and in particular to Mark and the Student Ambassadors who are great fun and without whom the trip wouldn’t be possible.  

Below is a gallery of images from the day. 

420 trees planted

We received 420 trees from the woodland trust to plant a new wildlife corridor around the green space at St John’s School.

Some of our saplings before planting

The saplings included native hazel, crab apple, downy birch, hawthorn, holly, goat willow. All of which will create the new hedgerow for wildlife to live in and move safely around our site.

Some of our younger children helping to plant the trees
Year 6 helpers

All classes were involved in planting and we had some great volunteers as well as the staff getting stuck in. It was a thoroughly enjoyable exhausting day and all the children left happy to have been involved.

Exciting news

An exciting day for us today as we let children and parents know about our new new outdoor plans for 2020! St John’s school is developing an OWL curriculum. The curriculum will be introduced in January 2020. Rest assured, Forest School will continue as part of OWL at St John’s, with sessions becoming available for more children. You can follow our social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and this website to be kept up to date.